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We want to help everyone get on the road in style and comfort. Our flexible leasing is available even if you've been rejected in the past due to a low credit rating, you pick a car that matches your budget, from BMW to Ford to Kia and more. We don't tie you down to years of payments on a fixed lease, instead you start with a simple 3 month contract and then after that a rolling monthly payment. You can cancel anytime and you can even switch cars when needed, you never have to pay any maintenance costs or road tax either. We take care of it all, get started at only £55 a week, our team are ready to help.

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No MOT, Repair or Tax Costs

Save money and worry less with our cars. We take care of the major repairs and taxing the vehicle. All you need to worry about is the monthly payments*.

Need to change your car?

When you choose a flexible lease, you aren't stuck with the same vehicle. You can switch as needed. Adding to your family? You can switch to a larger family car anytime after your first 3 months.

No Credit Scoring

Unlike most companies, we don't worry about your credit score, we look at your circumstances now. Only a single credit search is made to help confirm your identity and ensure you are not bankrupt.

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Reduce your worries and your costs, choose a car from our wide range of options and pay in monthly installments with no long term commitments. The Flexi Autolease team is ready to help you get started.

Apply now by completing the form in as much detail as you can and we will contact you as soon as possible.